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Pioneering Records

Pioneering Records最新章节列表,Pioneering Records全文阅读

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Pioneering RecordsBrief introduction:

This is the heaven-level body technique "Nine Transformations of the Golden Wings of the Universe", which was transformed from the wings of Kunpeng's holy spirit after its corpse was disintegrated.  The Holy Spirit of Heaven and Earth is born to understand the laws of Heaven and Earth. By practicing this body technique, you can gain insight into the mysteries of the void...
The baby was wrapped in the green holy water, which turned into a "holy robe" and blended into the skin, making him born without fear of harm from monsters.
"Nine Heavens" can run as fast as a flying force, and can know its words and characters without learning.
This is a world of immortals, gods, demons and Buddhas, full of strange things - please take a look!
PS1: I give you unlimited imagination, and you reciprocate with unlimited clicks. This is called mutual support.
ps2: There is a group: 82653586. Whether you come or not depends on whether you are willing or not. We may forget each other in the world.

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