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Gate of Infinite Desire

Gate of Infinite Desire最新章节列表,Gate of Infinite Desire全文阅读

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Gate of Infinite DesireBrief introduction:

Carrying the treasure that traveled through time and space, Wang Li embarked on a journey through time and space carrying the original ideal of a plane merchant. His first stop was the world of "Looking for Qin".
Two thousand years ago, during the Warring States Period, there was no restraint from reality. He traveled through time and space with rare treasures, and had knowledge that exceeded two thousand years and knew the outline of the plot. Wang Li's ambitions and desires grew unprecedentedly.
"Seven heroes compete for hegemony, and a hundred schools of thought contend. To end the troubled times and bring peace to the world, there is no need to win the government.
The country is like a painting, the beauty is like jade, fish and bear's paw, why not have the best of both worlds?
The big husband's will, wake up the world's power, be drunk and beautiful, when the Jiangshan is in hand, the Warring States is unified, and Wang Li's gaze casts more time and space (... Yi Tian, ??God Eagle, Tianlong, Datang ... Shushan ...)
His goal is infinite supremacy and eternity, and his journey is the endless sea of ??desire.

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      Gate of Infinite Desirelatest chapter:Volume 2: Looking for Qin: The Wind Rises in Handan Chapter 30: Final Chapter and Postscript (Author

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