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world front

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world frontBrief introduction:

Invincible version: Holy-Shit, this guy is already super, who can stop him!
Literary version: I just want to climb this unconquered peak and see the scenery that no one has ever seen.
Secondary version: Master Chaos to subvert divine power, step on corpses, and be crowned king amidst the curse of hatred for all living beings.
Harem version: There are royal sisters, lolita, sisters, and hundreds of confidantes. This is a man's life.
Stallion version: This is the story of PAPAPA among many girls, playing various PLAYs, and constantly impregnating girls.
?? Hot-blooded version: All living things in the world are not toys in your hands. I want to tear off this shackles with my own hands!
Normal version: Traveling through the two worlds of fantasy and reality, wandering between life and death, neither black nor white, neither right nor wrong, just to survive.
Emotional version: Set foot on the top, just to see your smile again.
???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? away.
Introduction to which version you like, check in and take a seat, the group numbers are 9419546 and 273709557.

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      world frontlatest chapter:Volume 6 Killing Contest 189 Wilderness Area, Foodie Forest (Revised)

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