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Rebirth of the Spanish Empire

Rebirth of the Spanish Empire最新章节列表,Rebirth of the Spanish Empire全文阅读

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Rebirth of the Spanish EmpireBrief introduction:

The Spanish Empire in the 16th century was the world's first global country. In the 18th century, it began to decline in its twilight years after being defeated by the rising naval power of Britain.  The Spanish-American War caused by the USS Maine incident staged by the United States in 1898 became the first imperialist war in which the great powers competed for colonies.  The result was that Spain failed. The consequence of the failure was the loss of Cuba and other West Indies, the loss of the Philippines and the Mariana Islands (including the later famous Guam). From then on, Spain officially fell out of the ranks of great powers.
Yang Chen, a personal history enthusiast, keeps his work secret and likes to let himself feel everyone's status and thoughts. Perhaps God is sympathizing with him. In the 21st century, for some unknown reason, he returned to the end of the 19th century and became a world-famous...  Alfonso XIII, the youngest posthumous king of the Spanish Empire in history.  The story begins here.  New book uploaded, please support me.  Finally, a reminder that this book is purely fictitious and not an orthodox history book, so please don’t take it for granted.

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