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Epic Legendary Conquest

Epic Legendary Conquest最新章节列表,Epic Legendary Conquest全文阅读

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Epic Legendary ConquestBrief introduction:

In the vast history of mankind, there have been many great kings and heroes.  Many ethnic groups and countries once ruled large areas, bringing tranquility, peace, fear, and killing to mankind...
Starting from a small tribe, Cyrus defeated all enemies step by step and established the first empire spanning the three continents of Europe, Asia and Africa, with an area of ??7 million square kilometers at its peak.
Alexander, a true warrior and a hero who dreamed of conquering the world, occupied the world known to the Greeks in ten years and established an unprecedentedly large empire.
Napoleon, a fallen hero, from a soldier to an emperor, from France to Europe, he showed the world what a true legend is.
Now, a cause greater than that of all previous kings and heroes has begun.  Lin Fenghan appears in a war-torn world, and he will lead an army to sweep away all evil and injustice.  Unify all countries within sight and build an unprecedented, truly fair, democratic, free and happy country.
This is a novel about cold weapons, hot weapons, the gradual upgrading of the times, and the conquest of kingdoms. If you are interested, please collect this book.
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