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Three Kingdoms: Demons and Chaos Heroes

Three Kingdoms: Demons and Chaos Heroes最新章节列表,Three Kingdoms: Demons and Chaos Heroes全文阅读

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Three Kingdoms: Demons and Chaos HeroesBrief introduction:

Cao Cao: There can only be one voice between heaven and earth, and that is my tyranny!
Liu Bei: If destroying my body can save all people, then it is death, and I have no regrets.
Sun Quan: Inheriting the spirit of a king and spreading the word to the world, there is no so-called orthodoxy in this world, only absolute strength!
Lu Bu: Even if I am the enemy of the whole world, I have nothing to fear!
Qin Yang: How about we all settle down...
This is a different Three Kingdoms. When the heroes of the Three Kingdoms possess peerless force, fighting spirit and spells are flying in the sky, and iron blood and conspiracy are crisscrossed.
On the ancient land, iron cavalry galloped and the sound of killing shook the sky.
??Fight for kingship, dominate the world, fight against the devil, and mourn the sky!
You are welcome to read the finished novel "Seal of the Sky". If you like it, please don't begrudge your recommendations and encouragement. Thank you for your comments.

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