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Zhu Chongba in the late Ming Dynasty

Zhu Chongba in the late Ming Dynasty最新章节列表,Zhu Chongba in the late Ming Dynasty全文阅读

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Zhu Chongba in the late Ming DynastyBrief introduction:

In the thirty-first year of Hongwu (AD 1398), Zhu Yuanzhang, the famous Hongwu Emperor in Chinese history, passed away. Because he was worried about whether the dynasty he established could last forever, his soul did not want to ascend to heaven, but stayed in the sky above the Chinese mainland.  Wandering, I witnessed with my own eyes the entire process of the Ming Dynasty from its establishment, to prosperity, to decline, and then to its destruction by the Manchus...
Zhu Yuanzhang was heartbroken!  He wants to save the Ming Dynasty that he founded with his own hands!
Just when he was about to become a Buddha, God suddenly reborn him into the troubled times of the late Ming Dynasty, and he once again became the penniless cowherd boy Zhu Chongba.
Zhu Chongba, the cowherd boy in his previous life, started from scratch and drove out Meng Yuan.
In this life, the cowherd boy Zhu Chongba will fight against the Manchus again!
???????????????????? Drive out the Tartars, and return our lands!

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