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WanfuBrief introduction:

Cao Anmin, a rarely recorded figure in history, was a descendant of the Cao family who died with Cao Ang in the Battle of Wancheng.
The young man Cao Xin in his previous life entered the body of Cao Anmin and lived in a state of confusion for 10 years in the late Han Dynasty.
     What?  Will you die in three years?
     What?  In a few days, grandfather Cao Song and father Cao De will go to Xuzhou?  About to be killed by Tao Qian's men?
When Cao Cao and hundreds of officials held a banquet for the old grandpa Cao Song, and when the civil and military officials were laughing and laughing, Cao Anmin suddenly burst into tears in the middle of the banquet and cried: The old grandpa (Cao Song) will die soon.
He who originally just wanted to hang around in troubled times, from this moment on, everything will become not so ordinary.
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