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Plant Card Maker Legend

Plant Card Maker Legend最新章节列表,Plant Card Maker Legend全文阅读

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Plant Card Maker LegendBrief introduction:

A young man who dreams of becoming a legendary card maker is troubled by his active mental power and can only become a low-level plant card maker.
His dreams were constantly being worn away. When he was about to lose confidence, he accidentally saw an ancient game called Plants vs. Zombies.
An inspiration that cut through the sky flashed through his mind, and a new world unfolded before his eyes.
The quietly hidden potato mine, the cute pea shooter, the angry hot pepper, the arrogant cattails, the extremely strong nut wall...
These plants were like lively and exciting lives, and what surprised him even more was their terrifying fighting power.
If the plant card I made also had this kind of combat power, at that moment, he would be intoxicated.
Soon after, a set of plant cards with different styles and extremely unstable were released.
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      Plant Card Maker Legendlatest chapter:Volume 1: Clouds Rising from the Sky: Final Thoughts

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