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Fake Grand Strategist

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Fake Grand StrategistBrief introduction:

In the autumn of the sixth year of Jianyuan of the Han Dynasty, the reborn Qi Xiaoyu is about to face a great era in which the Han Empire is enemies of the whole world. If he does not want to survive in the world, he can only go against the current and change history!  So along the way, there is endless blood of heroes and endless heads of enemies. Let’s look at it from the beginning. A glass of wine on a journey of thousands of miles, and no hero is allowed to grow old!  Let's see how this reborn evildoer strives for a bright future for himself and creates eternal peace for the great man!
Qi Xiaoyu loves two things the most: getting drunk and lying on the lap of a beautiful woman, teasing others; waking up and assuming the power of military advisor, teasing others.  So, this is a story about a top-notch evildoer who is reborn and plays tricks on a big man.

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      Fake Grand Strategistlatest chapter:Text Two hundred and forty, loss of yin and benefit of yang, Li Dai Tao Zhan Ⅳ

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