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Rise of the Swarm

Rise of the Swarm最新章节列表,Rise of the Swarm全文阅读

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Rise of the SwarmBrief introduction:

"They're coming...Oh my god, they're almost everywhere!"
——a certain race
The Zerg are coming, bringing fear, disaster, death and hatred.
Once upon a time, the simplest and most determined idea of ??the bugs was to find a corner where they could live freely and not be disturbed - but reality has proved that nature is cruel, and "survival of the fittest" is always the highest criterion.  Intelligent life mockingly calls them "ignorant beasts". Guys who claim to be advanced and talk about "racial equality" continue to create theories about the threat of the Zerg, continue to compress their living space, and continue to slaughter them!
The exposure of lies time and time again made them realize the truth - no one will ever truly accept them!
For the Queen!  To dominate!  The time to burn life has arrived!  ——Your destruction is God’s will... The Zerg are God’s tools!

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