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infinite smile

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category Sci-fiauthor QingYiJiaoZhustatus serializing
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infinite smileBrief introduction:

When rescuing an undercover police officer, Ye Chen accidentally entered the nightmare space.
When I learned some of the rules of the space, I burst into tears.
? The first time he comes - according to his own ability, he immediately becomes a supporting role in the plot world,
Entering the first plot world - Swordsman,
Ouyang Yida?  !  Who is this...a character who appears out of nowhere...
After turning over and over in my mind, I realized that this person was the leader of the Black Wind Village who died at the sword of the famous Camel Peak in Northern Saibei...

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      infinite smilelatest chapter:Volume 3: Return to Swordsman Chapter 5: Huashan

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