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Python plague

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Python plagueBrief introduction:

The White House: The major giants were silent. They were all shocked by the images captured by the satellite!  !  !
Los Angeles, a hugely influential international metropolis, is currently attacked by hundreds of thousands of pythons. Groups of pythons are flowing like the vast blue ocean. Look at the scene, the entire street is covered by pythons. This is  There really is a python disaster...
The whole of Los Angeles fell into panic, and screams and calls for help echoed in the sky of Los Angeles...
The ground was dyed blood red, and dense figures fell on the ground in a pile of blood. The struggling faces seemed to be still expressing their unwillingness to die.  The grass that was blooming with emerald green glory just a second ago is now drowned in the red and black blood. The blood stains continue to spread, across the square, through the body of the deceased, and continue to extend to the road...
What’s even more terrifying is that a giant python more than ten meters tall in the square actually spat out a person from its mouth.  This man was so corroded that he looked like a human being, his entire face was rotten, and he looked so bloody and miserable...
????The Bank of America Building, a huge python hovers on the rooftop, overlooking the entire Los Angeles...
Different beasts, do not turn into shape, do not like it.  Group: 120053393

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