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Song Xiao

Song Xiao最新章节列表,Song Xiao全文阅读

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Song XiaoBrief introduction:

Traveling through the Northern Song Dynasty, I happened to meet the Yang family's tiger generals and stand shoulder to shoulder with the Yang family's heroes!  Dancing all over the battlefield on the battlefield, singing in the small building every night!  Walking on the ice field with iron hooves, standing on horseback to drink from the Yellow River!  When you wake up, you hold the power of the world in your hands, but when you are drunk, you just sleep among the flowers!
The growth experience of a time-travelling boy!  A long heroic poem about Iron Horse Glacier!
A tragic song for a patriot wrapped in horse leather!  A timeless love in which heaven and earth are in perfect harmony!
Waiting for you to witness together!

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      Song Xiaolatest chapter:Volume 1 The War in the Northwest Chapter 81 Ending

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