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Han Shimou

Han Shimou最新章节列表,Han Shimou全文阅读

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Han ShimouBrief introduction:

He is an orphan.  He has endured inhuman training since he was a child.  He was a secret agent who was seriously injured during a mission and got on the space-time ship by accident.  He was rescued by a kind man. When he woke up, he found that he was back in the late Eastern Han Dynasty, and there were still two years before the 'Yellow Turban Rebellion'.
He wants to survive in this era of 'power is supreme'.  He has no relatives and no background, so he is struggling in this troubled world.  But he has five thousand years of knowledge from later generations.  He takes one step at a time, trying to find a place in this troubled world with only his bare body.
"There is no poor family in the upper class, and there is no aristocratic family in the lower class."
This book has about 2 million words, just a little more. The outline is complete. Please support me from all my brothers and friends, collect it, send in your good votes, and comment a lot. Thank you!

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      Han Shimoulatest chapter:Volume 2: Unpredictable Final Chapter: Unification of the World

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