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Beiyang 1917

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Beiyang 1917Brief introduction:

Beiyang 1917: Looking northwest with the eagle bow, the red flag rolls over the king of China!
Wang Geng, a former special forces soldier in the military region and a second-year graduate student in military strategy at the National Defense University, accidentally traveled to a different time and space in 1917!
From New York to Beijing, let’s see how the protagonist dominates the Northern Ocean, saves the country and the nation from danger, and opens a new chapter in the World War!
Whoever dares to fire the first shot at us, we will fire the second shot, and the third and fourth shots!  Beat it until it knows what the King of China is!
This is the story of an iron-blooded dictator who ruled the world and created a democratic republic!
Left capture and yellow right, Qianqi rolls, Hiranga, will look at the northwest of the carved bow, the red flag rolls the king of China!
This book is a fairy tale written for adults. Any similarities are purely coincidental. Welcome to read the book in harmony and love me, China!
??Produced with honor by Zongheng Changhe Gang, we have a lot of manuscripts, guaranteed to be updated twice a day, and the entire book is guaranteed!  Looking forward to everyone’s clicks and collections!

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      Beiyang 1917latest chapter:Volume 3 Far East Story Chapter 978: The song ends and the people stay together

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