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Infinite military base

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Infinite military baseBrief introduction:

? One person’s base, unlimited travel.  Traveling through this terrible time and space again and again, enduring loneliness and despair again and again, and coming to different eras again and again.
From the Somme River in World War I to China in World War II; from Berlin under attack by the Allies to war-torn Afghanistan.  He never knows when the end will be.  He has only one purpose: to go home!  But this wish seems so unattainable.
When he first met Erwin Rommel, Rommel was just the company commander of the Württemberg Mountain Camp, so he taught Rommel tactics.  When he came to Berlin again, Rommel had become Marshal of the Reich.  But he has become an eternal legend in the empire:
His statue was erected in the most conspicuous place in Berlin!
Similarly, his statue was also erected on the streets of Nanjing!
Not only in Berlin and Nanjing, there are statues of him all over the world, and his legendary stories are recited in all eras.
His legendary stories in each era are actually fragments. One day, countless fragments will come together to form the most complete puzzle!
The great era has begun since his first time traveling!

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