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God on the sidelines

God on the sidelines最新章节列表,God on the sidelines全文阅读

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God on the sidelinesBrief introduction:

It was an autumn in 1999. Barcelona was about to turn from prosperity to decline, the Galaxy Fleet was still budding, the Bat Legion was hot, and Super Deportivo was in the ascendant.  An inexplicable existence was born in a small hotel in Catalonia.
He indirectly contributed to the birth of Team Cosmos, but single-handedly destroyed it.
He never directs team training and openly declares that the head coach’s responsibility is only to lead the team to victory.
He likes good wine, good food, good beauties, and even better leads the team to victory.
He loves to have a venomous tongue, complain, and attack others, and he even likes to quarrel with others.
He is Dick, an unprecedented presence in world football.
Regarding the pronunciation of his name and the word "dick" that are very close...
In response to the kind question, Dick explained: "If my name is sorted according to European customs, it means defeating the enemy."
Faced with the malicious questions, Dick roared: "Eat my big cock!"
For fans who like him, they are more willing to call Dick "God".
Yes, this is the story of a God on the sidelines.

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      God on the sidelineslatest chapter:Volume 1: Become Famous in One Move Chapter 638: Successful Merits (Final Ending)

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