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Grandmaster s Manual

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Grandmaster s ManualBrief introduction:

Not every loser can become a master, and not every master can make a fortune.
Qin Ge is undoubtedly lucky, because he got a master's book and transformed from a mortal into a supreme master in one step.
???????????? And the scope of this grandmaster’s involvement is not generally wide.
He is a master of martial arts, skilled in both boxing and kicking.
He is a master of weapons, from desert eagles to tanks and airplanes, he is proficient in everything.
He is the master of Xinglin. He is made of flesh and bones, and can revive people with ease.
He is also the master of bricks, and he can defeat countless heroes with just one brick.
It is said that his Fangzhongshu is also at the master level, and he is nicknamed the Invincible Little Wolf Lord.

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