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Entertainment all-rounder

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Entertainment all-rounderBrief introduction:

What was Hong Kong and Taiwan in the 1970s and 1980s?  A golden bucket for the Chinese!  Entertainment paradise!  After two energy crises and a stock market crash, depressed Hong Kong people are looking for a path to recovery.  Will it be a movie?
Wang Wei, a diaosi writer who was reborn in Taiwan in 2013, started his own gorgeous counterattack.  Diaosi?  No!  After the counterattack, he becomes a monster!
Jin Yong: "He is a genius in the martial arts world, but martial arts can't keep him because he is still an all-rounder!"
Xu Ke: "He is my Bole."
Shao Yifu: "Is this guy born to do TV? Monster!"
Wu Dun: "He is the son of a big boss, the prince of the Bamboo Union, and the totem of the Bamboo Union."
Cameron: "Without the king, there would be no me."
Bill Gates: "This guy is too lazy, too unreasonable, and left Microsoft to me and Steve without any responsibility."
Yamaguchi-gumi leader Kazukuma Taoka: Baga, can this guy still be more shameless?  "
Lin Fengjiao: "I will always stand behind him." Lin Qingxia: "He is always so calm."
Audrey Hepburn "If I am an angel, then he is God, who always comes when people are most hopeless."

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