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The gentleness of rebirth

The gentleness of rebirth最新章节列表,The gentleness of rebirth全文阅读

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The gentleness of rebirthBrief introduction:

Reborn in ancient times, not only did he become a mute who couldn't speak, but he was also an unlucky person whose grandmother didn't like him, his father didn't care for him, his stepmother was vicious, and he suppressed his father, his mother, and the whole family.
Faced with all kinds of hardships and obstacles, she faced them head on and resolved them one by one.  Poisonings, assassinations, and frame-ups followed one after another, and she was fearless.
She originally just wanted to live her life in peace and quiet, but time waits for no one.  In this case, she no longer wants to die sadly like she did in her previous life. In this life, she must live a graceful life and create her own legend.
(This website solemnly reminds: This story is purely fictitious. Any similarities are purely coincidental. Do not imitate.)

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      The gentleness of rebirthlatest chapter:Text Chapter 7: Guest at Prince Zheng’s Mansion (Part 2)

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