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Plane martial arts myth

Plane martial arts myth最新章节列表,Plane martial arts myth全文阅读

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Plane martial arts mythBrief introduction:

??A martial arts fan plays a game and travels to the real world of martial arts. Before he can be happy, he sadly discovers that his family’s martial arts is actually the world-famous sword technique to ward off evil!  Could it be that he is the true form of the legendary Xiao Linzi?  !
He hesitated, practice?  Still not practicing?  This is a very serious problem!
Fortunately, he still has the benefits of a time traveler. He is possessed by the game system, connected to the axis of the world, and can freely travel through various martial arts planes written by famous martial arts masters?
Hahaha... Ling Muyun looked up to the sky and laughed wildly. With this artifact in hand, why should I be afraid of the heroes in the world!  If anyone dares to mess with me again, let him know what it means to be miserable and miserable!
????????????????????????????????????????:  Come on, let's relive those old dreams that once fascinated us!

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