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Infinite data emperor

Infinite data emperor最新章节列表,Infinite data emperor全文阅读

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Infinite data emperorBrief introduction:

【Regular youth version】
Lin Yu, who died of congenital heart disease, rubbed shoulders with the optical brain "Zero" who came from a different dimension and was recognized by Zero.
Since then, he has received opportunities that everyone envies, and at the same time, he is often accompanied by crises...
All situations in the parallel space are marked by ‘Zero’ with the most intuitive data!
【Literary Youth Edition】
??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Fighting in joy and sorrow, the love of children, and the struggle of love in the sea!  This is a time travel epic involving love and hate!
【2B Youth Edition】
I am Cao!  The protagonist of this story is so frustrated!  This story is unscientific!  I want to doodle the original!
This book is purely for nine-day leisure and boredom relief. It is a purely YY and refreshing article.
It will not delay the update of old books. Old books are guaranteed to be updated with 55 chapters+ every month.

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      Infinite data emperorlatest chapter:Volume One: The Strongest Disciple Kenichi in History Chapter 24: Karate Club!

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