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Ambiguous Doctor

Ambiguous Doctor最新章节列表,Ambiguous Doctor全文阅读

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Ambiguous DoctorBrief introduction:

Ancient martial arts are reviving, and Xuan Kung masters are in the city: let’s see how the little miracle doctor Shen Tianyi relies on his medical skills and miraculous mental skills to wander around the city and overwhelm everyone!  An infatuated school beauty, a mafia boss, an innocent little lolita, a pretty teacher, a strong business woman, a queen in the police world, a female Rakshasa in the military, a bloody beauty in the killer world, and a foreign girl with blond hair and blue eyes. As long as she is targeted by her brother  Come on, hey hey...what are you waiting for?  Follow me!  There is already a complete old book with a length of 3.6 million words, "The Shameless Master from Another World". Its character is guaranteed, its completion is guaranteed, and it is even more guaranteed that you will enjoy reading it!  !

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