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The evil ways of the underworld

The evil ways of the underworld最新章节列表,The evil ways of the underworld全文阅读

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The evil ways of the underworldBrief introduction:

The bloody wind rises, and the rain of blood falls, staining the world of mortals; the tears of the blade, the blood of men, follow life and death;
"Grudges, rivers and lakes; how can I withdraw...
"Kill the people who deserve to be killed, and pick up the girls you want to pick up; you can't be famous forever, but you have to be infamy for thousands of years;
In the underworld, there are grievances and hatreds; on the journey, there are nine kills every ten steps;
Wherever the blade is headed, who can contend with it...
After "The Bloodthirsty Doctor", "The Evil Path of the Underworld" comes with a bloody attack!
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