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Fighting spirit in the sky

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Fighting spirit in the skyBrief introduction:

Lu Tianyu was originally a famous good-for-nothing young master in the Lu family. By chance, he became the master of the "Pangu Heavenly Book". From then on, he took over fate and destiny step by step... Dare to steal a woman from me?  Kick away.  Dare you compete with me for my treasure?  Kill with one punch.  The passionate collision of passion, the life-and-death showdown between geniuses, the ruthless test of life and death, pretending to be a pig and eating the tiger, and pretending to be cool to the end are all in this book, how can you not be happy with it?  Cultivation levels: War Disciple, Warrior, War Master, War General, War Lord, War King, War Emperor, War Emperor, War Lord, War God.  Each level is divided into three realms: early, middle and late.

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      Fighting spirit in the skylatest chapter:Chapter 5069 Xiqi Mountain

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