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A gangster s affair

A gangster s affair最新章节列表,A gangster s affair全文阅读

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A gangster s affairBrief introduction:

Introduction to "The Romance of a Gangster"
Yang Luo said: Countries rely on cannons, men and men rely on banknotes, and men and women rely on sleep.
TMD I am a gangster, what can you do?  My buddy also studied in college and studied abroad. Although it was only for more than a year, he was still considered a turtle.  A Korean beauty traveled thousands of miles across the country to find the gangster who cheated on her relationship.  A mischievous female teacher wanted to marry into a rich family, but she met this gangster who opposed her every day.  A mature and sexy female CEO would give up everything for this gangster.  A pure and lovely female star has been following in the footsteps of this gangster.

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