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Yan Sui

Yan Sui最新章节列表,Yan Sui全文阅读

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Yan SuiBrief introduction:

A technical R&D person from a copycat mobile phone factory traveled across time with a domestic copycat mobile phone with powerful functions. It has such powerful functions as deformation, e-book library, infrared induction detection, ultrasonic wave, high-definition camera, electric shock device, eavesdropping device and so on.  If mobile phones go back to the past, what earth-shaking changes will happen to this era?
He unintentionally changed the direction of history, making history no longer consistent with his impression. The heroes and sages he once thought were not the images he was familiar with. After failing to date twenty times, he had a unique  He found an enviable wife and concubine, but this also attracted the covetousness of those powerful and powerful men. He originally had no desires and desires, but in order to protect his beloved woman, he was gradually forced by the situation to embark on a struggle for power.  The point of no return.

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