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Infinite hell

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Infinite hellBrief introduction:

The road to darkness is vast and I don’t know where I’m going.  The light is shining brightly on the other side.  Return your soul to the fou, be happy and healthy.  Don’t be afraid of the darkness, the other side is in sight.  Take Tianbao Bridge and return to my hometown.
When the definition of "the world" expands to infinity, pure good and evil have become blurred, or it is the depravity induced by desire, or the struggle for survival, and the bottom line in the hearts of reincarnators has disappeared.
??Made the heroine of the mission world into a servant named Corpse Princess, implanted the flesh and blood of the sword into the ignorant newcomers in the team, and used endless cold methods, just to squeeze everything out and fill the never-ending ravine of desire.
One day, Rorschach, who had mastered the ability of "psychic", accidentally stepped into this collapsed infinity.
The first world we face is the "Frozen Throne" where the Lich King controls all conspiracies.
The cold snow is falling, and the red eyes are staring; the demons are dancing wildly, and the death knight stands out!
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      Infinite helllatest chapter:war3. The Frozen Throne Chapter 78 The Swordsman in Blue, No Trace of Afterimage

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