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Cute world

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Cute worldBrief introduction:

"Although every death knight is not a dead paladin, every dead paladin must be a death knight..."
"Why do death knights shout "Demacia" before charging?  !  "
"I heard that it was the soul whisper from the Lich King..."
"We death knights, whether on the battlefield or in love, are the vanguard (cannon fodder, NTR) at the forefront..."
"According to legend, every death knight has a paladin as his best friend..."
"You guys, tell me a question first - where should I go to improve my skill level and find a trainer!"
"Listen up, death knight recruits... We are not the kind of waste like other professions that have no possibility of progress without the trainer..."
"What you have to do is just keep harvesting beautiful girls, from soul to body..."
In short, this is the process of a death knight who was extremely miserable and had to embark on various adventures (capturing girls) in the land called Azeroth for the sake of his own future.
(A tribute to a certain mollusk)

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