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Infinite suicide

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category Horrorauthor HuPiMaoDaRenstatus serializing
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Infinite suicideBrief introduction:

If you don’t seek death, you will die;
People want to die, so they don’t die.
Zhu Jue, male, 21 years old, unmarried. We are looking for a girlfriend in brackets. Currently living in Ward 1201, Building A, Qinshan Second People’s Hospital. He is a senior mental patient by profession. He has been in the industry for two years and has been selected as a patient for two consecutive years.  One of the top ten outstanding young mentally ill patients in Qinshan City, he is dedicated to his job and his career, and has been committed to training himself into a mentally ill young man with ideals, morality, culture and discipline.
This is the story of an ordinary psychopath who continues to evolve in an infinite task space and eventually becomes a legendary psychopath.

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      Infinite suicidelatest chapter:Chapter 243: I saw the plain and thought of you

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