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Supreme Demon King

Supreme Demon King最新章节列表,Supreme Demon King全文阅读

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Supreme Demon KingBrief introduction:

In AD 622 of the early Tang Dynasty, Xuanzang received the full ordination and studied Vinaya; the Great Sage Qitian was trapped at the foot of Wuzhi Mountain and suffered a lot; Bajie wandered around Gaolaozhuang, and his husband and wife were in love: Monk Sha was still nibbling in the Liusha River  Human heads, the sky full of gods and Buddhas are waiting quietly...
In the human world, Nie Xiaoqian is still in Lanruo Temple and is oppressed by the tree demon; Bai Suzhen is still a white snake and meets a green snake; Fahai has not yet reincarnated and escaped into Buddhism, and is extremely romantic; the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty is about to begin, and the soul of a scholar from later generations wakes up.  A road to the supreme demon king slowly unfolds...
A different journey to the west, a different supreme demon king!  Stay tuned!

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      Supreme Demon Kinglatest chapter:Volume 1: Nirvana of the Mountain Village Boy Chapter 999: The Fruit of the Path (Ending Chapter)

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