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Stranger s Journey

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category Fantasyauthor LinZhongQingFengstatus serializing
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Stranger s JourneyBrief introduction:

An ordinary person who is ordinary to the extreme, after encountering an accident, is accidentally reborn into a world of magic and swords, and is reborn in the body of a big man who is ordinary to the extreme.
With no talent, no talent, no adventure, no background, and even nothing, how can he survive in this cruelly competitive world?
Being a stranger in a foreign world, should he always be an extremely ordinary person?
There is no other way. He can only rely on his own perseverance, persevere, struggle silently, grow silently, and move forward step by step.  To this end, he devoted countless efforts and efforts, and the process was extremely arduous.
Until one day, he discovered that he had unknowingly become a big shot in the eyes of others.  But all this was not obtained by luck, but was achieved through countless hardships and countless bloody battles.
If there is hard work and dedication, there will be rewards.

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      Stranger s Journeylatest chapter:Work related Chapter 874 Desperate Situation (Finale)

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