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Korean Entertainment Dominator

Korean Entertainment Dominator最新章节列表,Korean Entertainment Dominator全文阅读

category Romanceauthor YunMuGuostatus serializing
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Korean Entertainment DominatorBrief introduction:

This is the story of a young man who relies on his own efforts and the help of others to reach the top step by step.
Debut as an actor and gather a lot of popularity; develop as a singer and establish your superstar status; develop in film, television and singing, become popular in Asia and go global.  On the way to attack the Overlord, there are frame-ups by opponents, support from friends, beauties, confidants, and the most important person in his life.
Girls’ Generation, T-ara, FX, and countless Korean girl groups, among the female artists, who is the beauty, who is the confidant, and who is the destined “her”?
Korean entertainment novels have a single female protagonist, many of them ambiguous, and she gradually ascends to the position of dominance.
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