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Hero Office

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Hero OfficeBrief introduction:

Before the establishment of the War College, wars continued in Valoran, and the world was overwhelmed and on the verge of collapse. The League of Legends was established, regulating the battles between Valoran heroes, and the world was preserved.  History is long, some people have experienced the past years, some people have been watching with cold eyes, some people have seen very close, but some people have seen far away...
With his eyes traveling through time and space, Time Guardian Kieran saw the Valoran continent long after the League of Legends was established, the end of the world, and the invasion of aliens.  One by one, the heroes were killed and exterminated.  In order to preserve some of the blood of the heroes of the world of Valoran.  He sent a time traveler back to his original world.  He hopes to use his hand to save some saviors on Valoran from this doomed land of extinction...

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