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My Game Sweeps Across the Universe

My Game Sweeps Across the Universe最新章节列表,My Game Sweeps Across the Universe全文阅读

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My Game Sweeps Across the UniverseBrief introduction:

Yin Jian traveled to the interstellar era. Here, all games are paid, and there are no pirated versions. Thus, one after another, free conscience games appeared from Yin Jian's hands. Yin Jian: "What I'm creating isn't just a game, it's a dream. Don't talk to me about money, money hurts emotions." Player 1: "Sniff sniff, Teacher Yin, you're not making a game, you're doing charity." Player 2: "Even though I don't know why I spent over ten thousand on a free game, I'm praising Teacher Yin's game!" Game Event: Skin Ten-Minute Experience Card, immediately purchase to enjoy an 80% discount! Free lottery upon login, first ten draws receive a gold-tier reward! Registration grants a lifetime membership, and the first recharge of ten yuan immediately grants eighteen privileges! Yin Jian: "The free ones are the most valuable." PS: Mainly depicts the game development process and the hilarious experiences of players.

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