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Urban Cave Peach Blossom Fairy

Urban Cave Peach Blossom Fairy最新章节列表,Urban Cave Peach Blossom Fairy全文阅读

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Urban Cave Peach Blossom FairyBrief introduction:

Being possessed by a female ghost actually caused the blending of pure yang and pure yin to break through the threshold of internal strength!  The mysterious peach core opens the cave system, and from then on, you can travel through the small world and become a peerless master!  The house turns into a cave!  The vegetable garden is like a map of mountains and rivers, the stove in the kitchen is like Mount Doom, the bedroom is like the Crystal Palace, the living room is like the matrix of the Matrix, the computer is like Transformers, and the special hotel Wulin Inn is a direct connection to the world of martial arts!  There is also a super weird cultivation secret book "Peach Blossom Succubus Technique" that is suitable for the human world where spiritual energy is infinitely lacking. Watch my mysterious abandoned son seize his luck, turn around from the predicament of certain death, stir up the urban situation, and become a generation of genius!

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      Urban Cave Peach Blossom Fairylatest chapter:Text Chapter 16 The future of the future (unfinished ending)

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