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Treasure Appraisal Warlock

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Treasure Appraisal WarlockBrief introduction:

Lin Luo is a small caretaker in an antique shop. After his grandfather passed away, he left behind a painted notebook and a jade pendant.
The painted notes recorded Grandpa’s career inheritance, but the jade pendant that Grandpa had worn for many years mutated, giving Lin Luo the ability to identify treasures!
??Shang Dynasty bones and seals, Qin terracotta and Han boxes, Tang Dynasty tricolors, Song Dynasty famous porcelain... Ming Dynasty calligraphy and painting, Qing Dynasty animal heads... Bamboo, wood, teeth, horns, the four treasures of the study... are all under your control!
Due to the mutation of the jade pendant, Lin Luo also inherited his grandfather's professional inheritance. It has become a must-have skill for him to be able to learn Feng Shui, divide gold and fix acupuncture points, feel the mountains and rivers geography, and discern the length of luck!
With such favor, what kind of legend will Lin Luo interpret?

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      Treasure Appraisal Warlocklatest chapter:Chapter 255 Final Chapter (Grand Finale)

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