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spartan total war

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spartan total warBrief introduction:

Looking down at the world from the perspective of a king, silence hovers over me again.
Except for the river of destiny that keeps intertwining and moving forward, all that is left is the tragic and profound war song.
"The ten-foot city wall is as white as frost. The magnificent palace is what my heart desires!"
"The mountains are shaking, the earth is shaking, and the biting cold wind is stabbing the warrior's back!"
"The extension of the sword blade is the tip of the tongue of death, tasting the enemy's blood with heart, and peeling off the loser's soul from the body!"
"The king's rage is unstoppable. On the way forward, I will kill all enemies to ashes. After that, I will bow deeply to thank you. Congratulations on becoming the cannon fodder of the most powerful empire in the world!"
"Those who follow me will prosper, and those who go against me will perish! He holds the power of the earth in his hands and never lacks the courage to kill. The flag of Sparta roars and flutters in the wind and snow behind him!"
"I, a conqueror, a warrior... with my feet on the tired bones, - I come! I see! I conquer!"

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      spartan total warlatest chapter:Volume 1 The City-State of Sparta Chapter 33 The Final Chapter (Grand Finale)

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