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Close sword fairy

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category Fantasyauthor LiuXiaHangstatus serializing
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Close sword fairyBrief introduction:

A swordsman should have the courage to be invincible once his sharp edge is revealed.  Renault, who dreamed of becoming a swordsman, was not only labeled a waste because he was unable to practice the family's ancestral secret code, but was also hunted to death by his family.  But the strange thing is that not long after his death, Renault actually came back to life, and he also awakened the unique Holy Spirit physique in his body, and formed a master-servant agreement with the Star Spirit Ball in the Star Sword Diagram.  From then on, Renault began to practice the Dragon Elephant Sword Qi, which was the combination of the Frost Dragon, known as the King of the Sky, and the Earth Elephant King, known as the Earth King. Step by step, he became the unique and strongest sword in the world.  Fairy.  ========= "Alley Army" This is the name given by book friends who like Xiaoliu. Book friends who like this book are welcome to join the Alley Army.  This is the greatest respect Xiaoliu expresses to readers in the most sincere words. Please collect it and send flowers. Thank you!

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      Close sword fairylatest chapter:Volume One: Star Sword Picture Chapter 0013.  Blacksmith: Xiao Peipei

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