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Red Alert Greater China 1985

Red Alert Greater China 1985最新章节列表,Red Alert Greater China 1985全文阅读

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Red Alert Greater China 1985Brief introduction:

Thirty years of peaceful development have brought hope of revitalization to this country, but they have also brought about moral decay and a shameless leader party.  Qi Yiming once again set foot on the land of sincerity in the 1980s, armed with a red iron fist and thirty years of China's scientific and technological achievements, he sang a triumphant song of counterattack.
The rumble of the Apocalypse tanks crushes through the Siberian frozen soil; the cruise missiles of the Dreadnought battleship sweep across the oil fields of the Middle East; Tesla magnets replace thermal power, and there is no more smog in the Chinese sky; the crushing crane recreates outdated weapons  deadly sharp knife
"Decadent and unscrupulous bourgeois lackeys, you all must tremble under the red flag of the proletarian warrior's military boots and sickle and hammer!"  ~
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