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Hidden in God

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Hidden in GodBrief introduction:

Shenyin means that the gods disappeared as a joke.
Wang Lang, who originally lived an ordinary life, was brought to a strange world by a rift in space. This was the battlefield of the ancient gods. Inexplicably, he pulled out two sword blades that had stood there for tens of thousands of years from the lost paradise full of artifacts...
When I woke up from the dream, I suddenly discovered that countless monsters, monsters, and strange stories were lurking among humans, threatening the safety of friends around me.
"Then! Fight! No matter you are the monster sage or the god of miracles, although I don't have strong strength! But at least before I die! You will not succeed!"
PS: Anyone who knows me knows my style. By the way, was this two-part introduction really written by me?  !

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      Hidden in Godlatest chapter:Replace the strange stories inside and outside!  10. Afterwards~ (Finale-Postscript)

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