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Prodigal Mage

Prodigal Mage最新章节列表,Prodigal Mage全文阅读

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Prodigal MageBrief introduction:

Descend to another world and become attached to a prodigal son who is extremely talented in magic but loves to spend money.
I wanted to show off my skills and shock everyone, but I never thought that the prodigal system would fall on him...
The system issued a harsh message: Spend money!  If you don't lose your fortune, wait for death!
For the sake of his own life, Jiang Lin felt that the most unlovable thing was to impress others!
But what makes him happy is that every time he successfully loses money, he can get a random item and a system lottery.

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      Prodigal Magelatest chapter:Text Chapter 22 One million

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