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I am God s will

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I am God s willBrief introduction:

"The evil done by God can be forgiven, but the evil done by oneself cannot be lived."
So what if God does evil?
God has done evil, and I will take away it!
Why?  Because - I am God's will!
In the age of the universe, countless racial civilizations are fighting each other. The value of supremacy in power has created countless strong men who call themselves gods. The names of gods can be seen everywhere.  Heng Yi, an orphan without a father or mother, saw the deeds of these so-called gods while growing up, and gradually came to have the first belief in his growth: just having strong power to do whatever you want is not a god!  I will make them understand, with my power!
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      I am God s willlatest chapter:Chapter 1,188 Moving towards a beautiful ending (the ending chapter is also the final chapter of the

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