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Full time dude

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category Romanceauthor AoBaNiuZongTongstatus serializing
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Full time dudeBrief introduction:

He is a down and out dude, he is a full-time master!
The dandy is in desolation, and his family is in ruins.  My father failed in the shopping mall and was framed and imprisoned. In the past, he wanted to climb on top of his head to poop. His wife, the school beauty who was married to her fingertips, became the object of many sexual attractions. He came last in the exam, was laughed at in school, and was beaten after school.  …
However, this is not a problem.  The full-time system comes from the sky, and the hard-working dude welcomes spring and stages a big counterattack: If you mess with me, I will trample you to death!  If you don't like it, slap it to death!  Wealth is in your hands, beauty is in your arms.

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