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Shameless monster

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Shameless monsterBrief introduction:

Diao Xiaosi is a person who often makes people angry and crazy. Whether he is dealing with the leader of the righteous way or the boss of the evil way, his motto fully reflects the true meaning of the sixteen-character motto: God is base, a gentleman should never stop being base, and people are the base.  But sometimes, Diao Xiaosi will return to a normal state for a short time, because he has a group of die-hard brothers who are as young, as passionate, as playful in appearance, and righteous in heart as he is.
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"Shameless Monster" Along the way, I was with Diao Xiaosi every day, watching this kid jump up and down endlessly, and then thinking about Ding Yuan, I suddenly felt that being a Xiaosi was not bad.  Life is like this, be free and easy, be spontaneous, fight when it's time to fight, don't give up easily when you should be persistent, but don't embarrass yourself too much.  I look forward to having a perfect life when I finish this book.

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