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Holy Old Emperor

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Holy Old EmperorBrief introduction:

Provide the author (Yaotian)'s classic novel: "The Holy Ancient Emperor" full-text reading service for the latest chapters for free. This site is updated in a timely manner and has no pop-up advertisements.  Big ominous also.  In this era, mystical arts were prevalent, and no one dared to promote immortality. Cultivation of immortality was regarded as unknown, with a bumpy future and ill-fated fate, and was belittled by the world.  A young man was born out of nowhere, and as the last cultivator of immortality, he will break all curses, kick over the arrogance of the world, and step on the eternal king of gods.  If one person is a fairy, who in the world would dare to respect him?  Completed the creation of the works "Eternal Sovereign" and "Great Sacred Way".  QQ group 377252282

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      Holy Old Emperorlatest chapter:Chapter 552 Reversal of Reincarnation

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