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Prisoner of Rebirth

Prisoner of Rebirth最新章节列表,Prisoner of Rebirth全文阅读

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Prisoner of RebirthBrief introduction:

Provide the full text of the latest chapter of the author (Ya Yi)'s classic novel: "Rebirth: A Prisoner" for free. This site is updated in a timely manner and has no pop-up advertisements. Welcome to () to watch the novel: Death is the end for everyone.  For me it is just the beginning, the beginning of a new life.  Wei Siran woke up from the chaos, and everything around him was no longer familiar. In front of him was an anxious and worried face of an old man, talking non-stop, but Wei Siran didn't feel anything, couldn't hear anything, he  In his ears and in his head, apart from the whistling cold sea wind, there were gunshots that kept amplifying, and the gunshots became louder and louder in his mind until his eyes were covered with bright red blood.

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      Prisoner of Rebirthlatest chapter:Chapter 39 The Distance of Death

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