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Suzhou please let me fall

Suzhou please let me fall最新章节列表,Suzhou please let me fall全文阅读

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Suzhou please let me fallBrief introduction:

Free reading service of the latest chapter of "Suzhou, Please Let Me Fall" by the author (Mr. Tao Dagong), this site is updated in a timely manner, and there are no pop-up advertisements.  The company works in customer service. By chance, I met Guo Ziyou, a girl from Suzhou in a bar. The two gradually developed feelings for each other. On Valentine’s Day, Tao Baqian racked his brains and designed a very, very  The romantic expression finally won Ziyou's heart, and the two fell in love like this, but because Tao Baqian was a migrant worker, he was opposed by Guo Ziyou's father, and Ziyou's father forced Ziyou and Tao Baqian  Separated and betrothed to the son of the official family, Ziyou vowed to die.  Yaqian's friend Aji is the production supervisor of "New Energy Solar Energy".

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