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The ultimate god of evolution

The ultimate god of evolution最新章节列表,The ultimate god of evolution全文阅读

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The ultimate god of evolutionBrief introduction:

Provide the author (Wei Yun Shuying)'s classic novel: "The Ultimate Great God Evolution" full-text reading service for free, this site is updated in a timely manner, there are no pop-up ads, welcome to () to watch the novel: "You have to go to various worlds and play the villain  BOSS." "It seems that the villain BOSS is not going to end well..." Ming Xijue sighed softly, "I feel that my future will be miserable." "I forgot to say, everyone has time-travelers, one of your tasks is to get along with them."  They fight to prevent them from spoiling the plot." "Lord God, I want to strike!" Ming Xijue, who was crazy by BY.  "The Lord God is dead, so you can do whatever you want." "You liar, what happened to the white light that was transmitted when you died?... Ahhh, Lord God, you sent me to a world full of brains again!"  System prompt: "The shielding system is turned off, the bastard halo, Marysu

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      The ultimate god of evolutionlatest chapter:Chapter 232

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